Our Services

We offer a wide range of services including Assurance and Business Advisory, Tax Consulting, Corporate Finance, Management Consulting, Corporate Secretarial Services and Financial Panning. Our investment in new technologies and knowledge sharing help our client to continuously secure the best tolls and strategies to succeed and transform their organisations in the ever competitive and changing global landscape. As a member of local community, we also serve charities and other non-profit organisations in the relevant areas of our expertise and knowledge.

Audit and Assurance

We tailor our financial reporting to our clients’ business processes and accounting systems, while fully complying to Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) set by the Accounting Standards Council (ASC).

Business Advisory

We assist organizations analyze their financial data and information, as well as providing new solutions for these firms to handle important issues.

Incorporation of Company

We can assist you in developing a thorough understanding of the various types of company structures and ensuring that you meet all of your statutory obligations as well as yearly compliance requirements under the Singapore Companies Act.

Company Secretary

With extensive experience across many sectors, our staff of company secretaries is well-versed in the Companies Act and stays up to date on both old and new requirements. 

Tax Consulting

IRAS holds every eligible individual and firm accountable and requires them to follow its strict standards. With vast expertise across different sectors, our team of tax consulting professionals at NLA DFK is kept abreast of both old and new taxes legislation.

Management Consulting

We provide extensive research and useful commentary in order to produce important, actionable insights. This is how firms can stay one step ahead of their consumers’ expectations while still creating a future-proof and resilient company.

Shared and Outsourcing Services

Our team of shared and outsourcing services professionals at NLA DFK has considerable expertise in shared and outsourcing services across numerous sectors and regions.

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